Aromatherapy Face Serum

This  serum can be used daily as a face moisturizer after cleansing and toning.

acne spot removal


Geranium oil – 4 drops

Lavender oil – 4 drops

Neroli oil – 6 drops

Primrose oil – 1/4 oz

Hazelnut oil –  1/4 oz

Rosehip Seed oil – 1/4 oz



Add essential oils (first three oils) to the dark glass bottle.  Then add base oils: primrose, hazelnut, rosehip seed oil. Roll gently to mix oils.




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2 thoughts on “Aromatherapy Face Serum

  1. I am glad I found your post. Friend of mine was doing some research recently on natural skin care products. Your essential oil blend idea is something she will be interested in. I am forwarding your website information to my friend!

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