Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

weight lossThere are many reasons we tend to gain weight during the holidays. Here are some helpful tips to keep you on course this season.

Family commitments, deadlines at work, traveling – all these factors contribute to stress, which takes attention away from exercising and eating right. When you wake up in the morning, before any obligations kick in, stretch, let your body and mind wake up.  Take a moment to remind yourself to enjoy the holidays, they will be over in a few weeks and you can go back to your routine.

Yes, I am talking about egg rolls, dips and chips, crackers and cheese, mixed nuts, quesadillas, etc…  Think for a moment:  how many nuts can you consume while socializing. Nuts are nutritious, but they are also very fattening like many other hors d’oeuvres.

Every holiday party has food. It is impossible to avoid it, and you don’t have to. Try a few bites of your favorite snacks and distract yourself with good company. Another option is to eat something healthy before leaving your home so you won’t overeat later.

During the cold season it is natural to crave comfort foods. While a big part of the country indulges in comfort food, don’t fall into the trap of “eating like everyone else”. Instead, fill up on root vegetables and leafy greens, leaving less room for the heavier fare. Just don’t forget to include protein in your meals as well.

Your days are likely packed with many responsibilities. Keep exercise as a regular part of your schedule even during holidays.  You don’t’ need to devote hours to it, 15 minutes of yoga or body flex will boost your metabolism and help control your appetite for the rest of the day.

It is easy to succumb to pressure during family gatherings. Your aunt (mother, sister etc.) might have spent all day baking, but don’t feel obligated to eat two pieces of pie. Just take a bite of each and tell yourself that having will power this holiday season will pay off for the rest of the year.

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  1. It definitely helps to stay on track of healthy eating: after waking up – stretch and give yourself 5 minutes to set your goals and priorities for the day.

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