Beach Yoga

Body. Mind. Spirit.

For many people vacation can be a time of indulgence, leaving the calorie counter and Stairmaster far behind for a week or two.  The problem is, when you get home, you bring 5 unwanted pounds with you, and a need for a “vacation from your vacation” due to feeling sluggish.

For fitness minded people, who value health and are looking to relax, Dreams Resort and Spa is the place to go.  Staying in Dreams will give you the opportunity to nourish the mind, body, and spirit. At Dreams you always have a choice of physical activity:  snorkeling, water polo, beach soccer, badminton, water aerobics and, my favorite – yoga.

There are many health benefits to performing yoga inside of the yoga studio and even more to practicing it outdoors, especially on the beach.

My yoga journey started in Dreams Villamagna, all –inclusive resort in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. This is the place, where I took my first yoga class and since that time it was my goal to find yoga studio in my town, where I can practice every day.

If you are new to yoga, but already had an opportunity to experience its healing affects, most likely, you don’t want to give up your yoga practice while on vacation. In this case, Dreams Villamagna all –inclusive resort in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico is the perfect place for you. Yoga class usually takes place at 9:00 am by the beautiful Pacific Ocean.
If you are lucky you will see the dolphins playing in the waves of the ocean. I did…

Beach Yoga

On your next vacation, immerse yourself in yoga practice on the beach. Experience local colors, culture, and food – extras that make travel so rewarding.
Learn to surf, snorkel, or sea kayak in warm tropical waters. Ride a zip line through rainforest.
After morning yoga practice on the beach enjoy a refreshing dip in the ocean and pick papaya or sweet water of just cracked coconut or nap in a hammock.

Be open to receivingbring your yoga mat to the beach….

P.S. I want to thank Sandra Van Olmen, truly amazing yoga teacher and a beautiful person, for introducing me to yoga.

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