Going Gluten Free

gluten free cookies

Bake your own cookies

While purchasing an already made gluten-free cookie sounds very convenient, it will most likely be processed and have more preservatives than if you made it yourself. Instead of store-bought cookies, bake your own. Choose a gluten free cookie mix at your health food store.

There is a large variety of gluten free flour mixes available nowadays. Here are some great gluten-free flour optionsBob’s Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Flour, Organic Amaranth Flour,  Brown Rice FlourAlmond Flour, Organic Quinoa Flour, Tapioca Flour. You can always dress up your cookies to your taste preference or your kids taste preferences. Adding nuts, spices, fruit, chocolate, coconut or ginger will make gluten-free cookies not only delicious but more nutrient dense.  You can even make extra dough and freeze it for later.


You might be surprised to learn that some candies contain gluten. While licorice is G-free, a lot commercial licorice candies are not. 

My all time favorite is Pamela’s Gluten-Free Baking and Pancake Mix.  You can find some other gluten free baking mixes at  your local Whole Woods store.  Try Pamela’s  gluten free Chocolate Brownie Mix, gluten free Chocolate Cake Mix, gluten free Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix.

When choosing gluten free ready-to-go cookies, use the same overall nutritional guidelines used to choose healthy products. Avoid partially hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, high fructose syrup, etc.


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