Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

What makes organic coconut oil so special?

cold pressed coconut oilThe process of making organic coconut oil starts with freshly harvested coconuts which are de-husked and grated. The meat of the coconut is dried to remove the water, and then it is cold pressed and filtered to remove any remaining pieces of fruit. Some coconut oil is extracted using high heat, chemicals, and even bleach. That’s why it is so important to buy organic coconut oil from a reliable supplier or a reputable store.

If you want the best quality oil, look for Organic Raw Cold Pressed Virgin coconut oil.  It is cold pressed from only fresh coconuts, which allows it to retain more nutrients, flavor and aromas of fresh coconut.

Differences: Expeller pressed coconut or centrifugal coconut oil are not cold pressed. 

If you compare virgin coconut oil bought from various suppliers you will feel the difference in the quality, nutrition, taste and smell.

You can use Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in cooking – it stands up to relatively high heat and gives a distinctive flavor to salad dressings. You can bake with coconut oil and even use it as a moisturizer for dry skin.  It’s true! And it is fun to watch coconut oil fluctuate from a solid to a liquid state right in your hands. The temperature of the skin warms up coconut oil causing the transformation from solid form into liquid.

Where to buy Organic Raw Cold Pressed Virgin coconut oil

A couple places where I buy Organic Raw Cold Pressed Virgin coconut oil are Whole Foods and Traders Joe’s. I am sure healthy food and vitamin supply stores carry it as well. And there is always the internet.

I always buy 2 jars: one for cooking and one to use as moisturizer for the skin (for my beauty routine).

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