Post Acne Aromatherapy Blend

This essential oil blend helps remove sun spots and acne spots from the skin. It is also effective for reducing pore size and treating acne scars. 

 scar blendIngredients:

Essential Oils:

Helichrysum essential oil – 10 drops

Frankincense oil – 8 drops

Rosemary Verbenone oil – 8 drops

Lemon essential oil – 2 drops


Carrier Oils:

Tamanu oil – 1/4 oz

Rosehip Seed oil – 1/4 oz

Hazelnut oil – 1/2 oz


Add essential oils to a dark blue or brown glass bottle. Add base oils and gently roll the bottle to combine the oils.

NOTE: This blend is especially effective, when combined with healthy diet and exercise.


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One thought on “Post Acne Aromatherapy Blend

  1. After decades of buying every expensive product out there, I am going to start making my own. Thank you for the post. I will NEVER go back to store bought stuff.

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